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This community is for all of you who love small bands that aren't getting the recognition they deserve. Get the word out here... let everyone know how good your underground music obsessions are.

here are some banners you can link in your user info/when you promote, look in the FAQ to link them!!!






1. Keep it clean in here... no unnecessary profanity or drama. YOU WILL BE BANNED!
2. Promote those bands!!! Use links such as www.purevolume.com so that others can hear their wonders... post access to the band LJ or website.
3. Please don't overpromote other LJ communities... other than band ones. We want this one to grow- so keep it to a minimum please.
4. We all know that everyone has different music stylings and tastes, so if you don't like something- don't say anything!
5. Have fun with this!!!
6. We won't be sticklers about this rule, but fill out the following application so we can get to know you!

APPLICATION: (cut and paste with an LJ cut please!)
1. Name:
2. Location:
3. Age:
4. Favorite ALL-TIME band:
5. Favorite CURRENT band:
6. Promote us to one awesome underground band (LJ or website):
7. How did you hear of pre_fans:

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