Nikki (bluestare21) wrote in pre_fans,

FREE cats....please love them

Ok guys, I hope this isn't out of line for this community but....I have two cats that I really need to give away. If you are interested, I can give away one or both to you.

Kaylee is a black cat that has a white neck and belly and white feet. She is an extremely loving cat that loves attention. She does not bite and has a sweet nature. This cat is perfect for someone who wants a very loving cat to be their companion.

Angel is a white and black (like a cow) cat that has a funny personality. Angel is sometimes aloof and is perfect for someone who does not want a high maintenance cat. She is sweet, yet quite independent. She is particularly well-behaved and easy to care for.

Anyone interested may take one or both cats.
Please consider giving these cats a safe and loving home.

PLEASE let me know if you are interested. Please please please.
OR I will post this everyday for the rest of my life.

thank you.
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